DMV Approved Dealer Education Since 2001

Weekly Dealer Classes in Los Angeles and Riverside County

Need a Dealer License? Here's What We Have to Offer in our Class:

  • All Classes Instructed by a Licensed Car Dealers and Attorney (We specialize in the Car Business)

  • In Class we will teach you how to complete the dealer license application forms

  • We will prepare you for the DMV Dealer Examination that you need to pass to become a dealer

  • We will instruct you on how to complete all the necessary paperwork when selling a car to the public

  • Course Materials Constantly Updated (We will cover new Temporary License Plate and Report of Sale Procedures)

  • Buy Here Pay Here Law Procedures

  • Vehicle Financing Procedures

  • Detailed Class Handout

  • Vehicle Financing Procedures

  • Take Home Study Materials and Practice Test

  • Vehicle Transfer and Registration Procedures

  • Free No Cooling Off and Inspection Signs

  • Vehicle Transfer and Registration Procedures

  • List of Dealer Auctions In California

  • List of DMV Inspectors

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Learn From the Best!

All our Friendly Instructors come from diverse backgrounds and are active vehicle dealers &  lawyers  familiar with the car business, state laws, and DMV policies.  We want you to be well prepared for the DMV Test.

Whether you want to sell one car at a time, or own a big car lot, let our professionals show you the easy way to get it done! Our instructors are regulars at dealer auctions.

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