Dealer License Seminars of San Diego Practice Exam questions


1. A vehicle being returned pursuant to an AB 68 contract cancellation agreement must be returned within how many days?

a) 1 day    b) 2 days,   c) 2 days,   d) 4 days


2. The Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights is also known as:

a) AB 50    b) AB 58   c) AB 68   d) AB 100


3. Which of the following must be disclosed to a buyer?

a) Previous rental    b) Previous AB 68 return   c) More than 3 previous owners  

d) Vehicle previously registered out of state


4. Which type of contract must be used for cash sales?

a) Cash only contract    b) Invoice ledger   c) Bill of cash sale   d) Conditional sales contract


5. A.P.R. means:

a) Appropriate Prime Rate    b) Annual Percentage Rate   c) Annual Premium Reduction   d) Accounting Per Rate


6. When a dealer assigns a contract, the A.P.R. dealer may collect is____?.

a) Not capped    b) Capped   c) Capped at discretion of dealer   d) None of these


7. Truth-In-Lending is:

a) Federal disclosure regulation    b) State disclosure regulation   c) State and Federal disclosure regulation   d) City disclosure regulation


8. What is the maximum document processing charge a dealer is allowed to charge the customer?

a) $5    b) $25     c) $65 or $80 depending on filing process used      d) 210


9. A dealer must collect sales tax when a vehicle is sold___________:

a) To a retail buyer    b) To a wholesaler for personal use   c) To a Federal Government employee   d) All of the above


10. Which of the following is NOT taxable?

a) Document preparation fee    b) $8.25 Smog certificate fee     c) $50 Smog test fee      d) Add-on theft-deterrent device


11. When is acceptable to waive Division 12 equipment of vehicles?

a) When DMV gives permission    b) Always   c) Never   d) If vehicle is sold AS-IS


12. Which is a major portion of Division 12 equipment?

a) Paint condition    b) Lighting equipment     c) Air conditioning equipment     

d) Compact disc player condition


13. How can a dealer identify the vehicle in an advertisement?

a) VIN    b) License plate number   c) Stock number   d) All of the above


14. Which phrase is now regulated by AB 68 when advertised?

a) Runs great    b) Low mileage     c) Gas saver      d) Certified


15. What must be working at time of retail sale?

a) Odometer   b) Glove compartment light   c) FM radio   d) Sunroof


The actual DMV exam has 40 questions and you need to score 70% correct.  When you take the class, we will supply you with the answers to the 15 questions above plus we will cover many more possible test questions to help you achieve a passing score on the actual DMV exam.

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