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1.  All students get our exclusive Dealer Auction Tutorial Audio CD for FREE.   ($25 value).

2.  All students get FREE "No Cooling Off" signs and "Inspection" signs. ($10 value)

3.  All students get our exclusive "Resource CD-Rom" with tons of FREE dealer information, which includes lists of dealer auctions, free dealer articles, links to dealer associations, finance companies, dealer-related product companies and dealer demo-software.  ($25 value)

4.  All students get a FREE Samples of dealer FORMS that are used in the sale of a vehicle.

5.  We guarantee you pass the DMV exam or retake class for FREE.

6.  All students get our 40-question practice exam for FREE.

7.  All students get our exclusive "DEALER TEST STRATEGY GUIDE", covering the most  commonly-tested topics ($10 value).

8.  All students will get free bond referrals to dealer bond companies

Still not convinced we have the most to offer?  

1.  We offer the LOWEST price dealer class in San Diego County.

2.  Our Instructors have dealer auction experience and KNOW the car business inside and out.

3.  Our Instructors know MINIMUM DMV requirements so you can get into auctions QUICK.  We understand that most dealers want to start small.  We will show you how to do it.

4.  Our Instructors will discuss and provide samples of forms for the dealer license application process..

5. Lecture includes discussion on Financing and types of sales contracts

6.  Discussion on vehicle history and how to avoid history problems such as flood damage

7.  Discussion on current smog laws and smog exemptions.

8. In depth analysis of stolen vehicle prevention

9.  Free information covering proper consignment of vehicles

10.  Lecture on how to do weekend "tent sales" and required forms and fees

11.  Discussion on how to properly collect and report sales tax and how to sell a car out of state on Ebay.

12.  Free information regarding usage of dealer plates and how dealer plates can benefit you when driving dealer cars.

13.  Free discussion on advertising laws necessary to comply with California regulations.

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