Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get a dealer license? / What are the steps? / How much is the license? / Can I work from home?
In class we will go into great detail, but in general, here's what you do.  First you need to take the class and you will be issued a certificate at the end of class.  Then you will make an appointment at the DMV to take a 40-question dealer test based on what you learned at the class.  After the test, you will need to meet several requirements, most of which are common to starting any type of business.  For example, you need a city business license (about $100).  You need to get fingerprinted (about $50), you need to pay application fees to the DMV (about $200).  You will need a Seller's Permit in order to charge your customers sales tax (this permit is free).  You will need to get a bond which can be satisfied by paying a bond company a premium each year.     You will also need to decide what address to use to conduct business from. In some cases a home business is permissible but most cases require at least a small office, which many dealers obtain starting at $200 per month.  In class, we will address all issues relating to where you are allowed to set up business.  You also need to complete several miscellaneous forms for the DMV (not hard).  In class we will show you what the forms are.

Do you offer the  4-hour Renewal course for continuing education?


Can I take the test without the class?
No.  State law requires you take the class before you are allowed to take the test.

How long does it take to get licensed?
It takes about one month or less to get your dealer license, depending on how fast you meet the requirements and how heavy the DMV caseload is.  In class we will go through all the details so you can get licensed as fast as possible.

Do all owners need to take the class?
If it's a partnership, yes.  If you are setting up a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company, only one officer needs to attend, but we recommend all officers come anyways to learn the material, since violation of certain laws will result in losing your dealer's license.

How old do I need to be to get a dealer's license?

What type of identification do you need from me?
Bring Valid California Driver License or California Identification Card. (No out of state ID's, No Sales Licenses, NO military ID's, no passports.) Only Valid (not expired) California Driver License or California ID Cards are acceptable as per DMV policy. Note: Valid temporary "paper" California Driver License or California Identification cards are acceptable.

Is your school approved by the DMV?

Is the class offered online?
The 6-hour Prelicensing class is NOT offered online anywhere.  The DMV only allows the 4-hour renewal course online, which is only for active dealers.

Will a criminal record hurt me?
Maybe.  A big recent conviction of dishonesty (burglary, theft, fraud, etc) may hurt you.  The DMV only wants you to tell them of convictions that happened in the past 10 years.  If you do have a conviction in the past 10 years  and you are worried, our advice is to still take the class and then you will submit an "abbreviated" application to the DMV.  In a couple weeks the DMV will notify you whether your conviction will hurt you or not.  Taking the class shows the DMV that you are serious about getting a license and you are motivated and  willing to be an honest dealer

Can I export cars to Mexico or other countries?

I only want to sell one car at a time.  Do I still need to go through the whole process?
Yes.  Remember, in class, our instructors are trained to show you the MINIMUM requirements so you can accomplish a low-volume business model.

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